AWealth offers life insurance such as whole life insurance and term life insurance. One of the most popular types of insurance is life insurance. There are many benefits to life insurance such as an influx of cash when dealing with financial problems that often comes from the death of a loved one. The tax perks are great since accidental death benefits is tax-free to the beneficiary and may also be estate tax free if the policy is properly owned. AWealth will work with you according to your needs and that your loved ones are taken care of.


**Life Insurance products & services provided by Carte Financial Services Inc. and Kabis & Associates Inc.

Why does life insurance matter when you get married?

There are several benefits to getting life insurance. Protect your significant other and all of your assets.

Is my mortgage protected?

Is your life insurance policy big enough to cover the mortgage of your property? AWealth will ensure that your family is protected and your property will remain within the family.

Is your family protected?

There are several benefits to getting life insurance. Protect your family and all of your other assets.

Accidental Death
Accidental death means an unforeseen, unexpected, and undesirable incident, resulting in the life insured's death. If the person who is insured dies as the result on an accident, the accidental death benefit provides for the payment of a sum of money. This is a lump sum, as well as tax-free, which will be paid to the beneficiary.

*There are exclusions to the accidental death benefit that are listed in the policy.*
Funeral Insurance
AWealth will help you account for cremation and burial fees, all taxes that are still owing, and all mortgages and debts that are outstanding. We offer a wide range of insurance options based on your age, your health, and how much insurance you require that will insure that your funeral expenses are taken care of.
Guaranteed Life Insurance
Guaranteed life insurance is for those who want to leave financial benefits to their family. The premiums stay the same, coverage never decreases, and acceptance is guaranteed for Canadian citizens and permanent residents between the ages of 50 and 75 without the need for any medical exam or health questions.
Joint Life Insurance
Joint life insurance insures you and your spouse under the same contract, which will make sure that the rest of your family is taken care of when one of you are gone.
Life Insurance & Critical Illness
Life insurance and critical illness provides benefits such as insurance against an unexpected illness that come with amounts of a higher coverage, protection between the ages of 18-65 for a wide range of illnesses, protection for life for your children or grandchildren, your child's plan can turn into an adult's plan once he or she reaches 18 years of age, and no medical review is needed for your child plan to become an adult plan when they reach 18 years of age.
Mortgage Insurance
Mortgage insurance is important to potential homeowners since it is required in Canada for any down payments that are between 5% and 19.99%. Mortgage insurance protects the lender if the borrow ceases to make payments or default on the loan. Mortgage insurance allows potential homeowners a better chance at the real estate market. Without mortgage insurance, mortgage rates would be higher because the chances on defaulting on a loan would increase.
Supplemental Life Insurance
Supplemental life insurance provides you more coverage than an average employer's company plan. In order to qualify for this policy, you may have medial evaluations to see which rate best fits you.

*Supplemental life insurance remains with you regardless of what company you work for.*
Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance is flexible, inexpensive, and allows for temporary coverage. You will be insured for a certain amount of time which will be fully guaranteed during the entire term. If you pass away during the term stated in the policy, your beneficiaries will be eligible for a tax-free payment. AWealth offers you the option to convert your term policy into permanent insurance.
Term to 100 Life Insurance
Term to 100 life insurance gives you coverage as long as you are alive. The premium will stay the same until you reach 100 years old. Term to 100 life insurance can be accessed by your spouse and children to continue maintaining a good qualify of life upon your death.
Universal Life Insurance
Universal life insurance is a flexible and permanent life insurance, providing you many more options than whole life insurance. Universal life insurance comes with term life insurance protection which includes an element of savings that can provide a cash value. Universal life insurance provides great benefits such as the policy holder will be able to use interest from the savings to help pay premiums over a period of time.

*The policy may be changed and reviewed should the policy holder come across a change of circumstance.*
Whole Life Insurance
Whole life insurance includes the elements of investment and insurance premiums. A predetermined amount will be paid out when the policy holder passes away. The invest aspect of the policy is that it builds a cash value that the policy holder can withdraw or borrow against. Whole life insurance allows the policy holder to accumulate wealth as the insurance costs becomes covered by premium payments. The policy will protect the policy holder for the duration of their entire life.
No Medical Exam Insurance
If you are looking for insurance coverage but do not want to take a medical exam, simplified issue or guaranteed approval may be good options for you.

Simplified issue policies such as gerber life term insurance and whole life insurance plans require only a few medial questions and do not require a medical exam.

Guaranteed approval is if the applicant is between 50 and 80 years old.
Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance are life insurance plans that do not expire. Permanent life insurance combine a death benefit which includes a savings portion. There are many advantages to a savings portion such as you can build them into cash value that will allow the owner of the policy to use towards anything like paying off a mortgage or a college tuition.
Seniors Life Insurance
Seniors life insurance is an insurance policy that covers your and your loved ones lifetime. AWealth offers a variety of seniors life insurance policies with affordable and fixed premium rates that will give you many benefits.

AWealth has an extensive and trustworthy network of financial partners in Canada to meet your investment, insurance, and mortgage needs.


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Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses may all be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus and/or fund facts before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

Subject to any applicable death and maturity guarantee, any part of the premium or other amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract holder and may increase or decrease in value according to fluctuations in the market value of the assets in the segregated fund. A nominee account is one in which an investment is held in trust for an individual by a corporation or entity other than the individual. A segregated fund policy held within a self-directed plan is one example of investing in a nominee account. A segregated fund held in a nominee account may not offer creditor protection. Please read your Information Folder carefully and seek professional advice before investing. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses may be associated with your insurance contract.

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