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Josip P.

It has been eight years now since I have worked with Andrei at AWealth, and I can confidently say that I have a firm grasp on my current and financial future. Eight years ago Andrei educated and helped me take advantage of our RRSP first time home buyers program. From helping me plan the purchase of my first home to planning my financial future and retirement, Andrei has been nothing short of a genius. Like most couples without any financial background, my wife and I were overwhelmed and confused by the bundle of products thrown at us from various different sources. Andrei brought clarity and helped us choose what’s right for our goals. Many thanks.

Sanya P.

Andrei has been our trusted advisor for several years now and we’ve successfully grown our portfolio by investing in different financial products. With Andrei’s support we believe we will successfully achieve our retirement goals. Andrei is always proactive with regards to our portfolio and goes the extra mile to get better returns every year.

Nicholas L.

Andrei handled my mortgage, setup my investment portfolio, and advised me on my RRSPs and RESP. When I first met him I knew very little about finance and felt overwhelmed.Not only am I extremely satisfied with the terms of my mortgage and the performance of my investments, but I also feel much more educated in the financial sector. He was always available and patient. He helped me achieve my financial goals on my own terms.I was referred to Andrei by a friend and will certainly be referring all my friends and family!

Sean M.

Andrei at AWealth has hit the mark in the key ways for myself and my family: educated us on our various risk and investment options; helped devise a plan to build our financial future to match our goals; and, regular contact about our satisfaction with our returns and any revisions or new products he has come across that are a good fit for us. Thanks Andrei for the great work so far!

Vikneson T.

Awealth has done a fantastic job of managing my money. I’ve had Manulife prior and I can say with certainty that Andrea and his team care deeply about making the wisest choices to grow your portfolio in a safe and sustainable manner. I will be reaching out to them for my mortgage needs as well, in the near future!

Igor D.

Andrei from AWealth has been exceptional for me and my family. Upon arrival of out baby he helped us choose the best RESP available to us. Then Andrei was there to guide me when opening my RRSP account that has stellar returns and saved me $$$ in taxes. I’m planning on buying a condo this spring, and knowing that Andrei will find us the best rate, he will be our first choice advisor.

Thierry N.

It has been five years or more since I have been working with Andrei at Awealth. I proud myself to say that I have found the best Financial Advisor ever. Andrei in a proactive advisor, he never withholds information and always clearly explain his recommendations. He keeps the line of communication open and always updates me on current financial issues and opportunities. He is somebody I can trust and has always worked with me to achieve my goals and put my interest first. My investments keep growing since, I would like really to thank Andrei to the work he has done for me and time spent to grow my wealth.


I would definitely recommend Andrei to any of my friends and family as a financial advisor. He helped me understand and answered any questions I had regarding his services. I also got coverage that I never knew I actually needed! 5/5

Stephy E.

I’ve been working with Andrei for a few years now. Not only will he provide expert advice, but will make you feel comfortable in the process. Your/your family’s best interests are truly at heart when guided by Andrei’s financial advice. His service is unmatched, with warm follow-ups and touch-base calls throughout the year, friendly advance reminders on renewal dates, and always accommodating to your schedule. Highly recommend!

Thao P.

Andrei helped me out with understanding Investment loans. He’s been patient in walking through the process and explaining all the pros and cons while doing all the calculations. He was very open to any questions and honest with his approach. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for some investment assistance!

Debora A.

Andrei at Awealth was referred to my husband and I from a friend and I am so grateful that he was! We were so impressed with him that we referred him to our extended family! He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, accommodating, honest, and just an overall caring person. He is always on top of our investments and makes recommendations of any changes he feels are needed which we have always agreed with. He has always been available for us and I cannot thank him enough for everything that he has done for my family!

Ashley M.

AWealth has done amazing job managing my money. He educated me well on investments, he is patient, detail-oriented and compassionate. Highly recommend AWealth.


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